Create a balance of the

energy within.


We are inspired by the energy flowing in and around us. It is everywhere; surrounding our mind, body, spirit and spaces.

Mother Earth has given us so many beautiful gifts to increase our health and happiness and we are devoted to sharing and giving you the knowledge and experience of its power.

This is a sacred space to connect to your innermost self and healing by working with Spirit, Earth, and Universal energy.

Bringing us a sense of oneness with her beauty. Connecting us with all living things. Filled with love and abundance our missions is to help you raise your vibrations, to become the best you.



Home grown with love.


"Silence the mind, and the soul will speak."



Chosen with intention.

Read More at   One Tree Planted

Read More at One Tree Planted


We only have one home.

We are giving back to Mother Earth by planting one tree for EVERY sale. Its time we give back to Mother Earth!

$1 can make a difference.

How It Works

At the end of every month we will donate $1 to One Tree Planted a non profit organization that plants tree in 4 regions across the world North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

For every online sale, workshop sign up, and healing session. Donations can be made in store as well. One tree is planted per sale!

Tropics and Stone is also on its was to becoming a zero waste company, almost meeting our goal at 85% zero waste.

Nurturing the Earth as it is our one home.